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Signs of Human Trafficking


May 20, 2020
10:00am - 1:00pm


, NY 10004


Vibrant Emotional Health formerly MHA-NYC - Youth Mental Health


Target Audience: DYCD-funded Program Staff working in youth development programs

Workshop Description:

Approximately 30% of high school students who are dating have experienced sexual and/or physical dating violence in their relationships within the past year. Unfortunately, despite these staggeringly high numbers, less than 3% of young people seek help from adults like teachers, counselors or law enforcement.

This 3-hour workshop will focus on the influence of youth’s developmental stage and limited relationship experience on the high incidence of dating abuse and sex trafficking among youth. The presenter will provide tips and insights into working more effectively with young survivors.

We will specifically discuss the intersection of dating abuse and the domestic sex trafficking of young people with a focus on:

  • identifying how dating abuse can lead to experiences of trafficking
  • increasing empathy around survivors of trafficking
  • defining sex trafficking
  • understanding the process of grooming someone into the life of trafficking
  • the overlap between dating abuse and domestic sex trafficking